Over the past 25 years I have served as a wildland firefighter for various federal agencies. I fought fires across the United States from Florida to California, including some of the more notable ones like Yellowstone. Serving in various fireline leadership roles from Crew Boss to Division Supervisor, it was my responsibility to ensure that the safety of firefighters under my command was never in doubt or compromised in any way. Since forest fires are largely driven by extreme weather conditions of drought, temperature and wind, it was always a top safety priority to stay current with weather forecasts, data from local weather stations and to keep an eye on the changing weather conditions in the fire environment. It became my creed to always remind the firefighters around me to "WATCH THE SKY" since dangerous extreme fire behavior can be produced by the gusty winds of passing cold fronts or thunderstorm downdrafts..

Around 1999 I became aware of a new phenomenon that I had not observed before in all my years of watching the sky as a professional firefighter. I had seen contrails before, but I noticed that they now covered the sky on some days, with gridlines and crosshatches, and the contrails would not dissipate, but spread out across the horizon covering the sky in a milky haze. At first I did not think about it very much, but the more the more I observed these strange new clouds in the sky the more curious I became. Ultimately, like many of us, I did an Internet search on contrails and eventually discovered that there were many others who were observing the same thing I was and that they had a name: CHEMTRAILS. And so my quest to unravel the mystery and secrecy behind of one of the most despicable crimes against our planet and its inhabitants had begun.

I have extensive training and experience working with weather forecasts, historic weather data and upper atmosphere soundings as part of my job responsibilities in wildland fire. Fire behavior prediction was part of my daily duties as a fireline supervisor and prescribed burn boss. Fire behavior prediction, while also a function of the forest fuel type and topography, mostly depended on weather conditions, drought, temperature and wind. I used the same upper air data used extensively as part of the Chemtrail Detection and Documentation Project to predict the behavior of the smoke column that would be generated by the 500 acre ponderosa pine prescribed burns that we would deliberately set to restore forest health and reduce hazardous accumulations of fuels. The upper air data was used to determine the direction of the smoke drift, the mixing height of the smoke column with winds aloft and to determine if there were any inversions in the atmosphere that could potentially send the smoke back to ground level creating road and health hazards for local citizens, in violation of local air pollution codes. I was also responsible for the installation and operation of over 40 NWS archived remote automatic weather stations (computer controlled) that collected weather data across the western US 24 hours a day. It was my job to ensure that the stations were operational on a daily basis, schedule maintenance, collect, analyse and ensure that all of the data was correct and archived for historic analysis.

I believe that my academic science degrees, professional training and real world experience with weather data provides me with a unique perspective on the Chemtrail phenomenon. It allows me to approach the science and analysis of atmospheric conditions related to contrail formation using the same scientific approach, data and research that is used by government agencies such as the NWS, NASA, EPA and FAA to promote the concept that everything is normal in the skies, all the gridlines we see and the chemical haze that fills our lungs and permeates our bodies is just water vapor from hot jet exhaust.  I am here to tell you with my years of research into the Chemtrail issue that what you see is unfortunately all too real, they are not just contrails and we all are in great danger.

Robert MacLeod  - June 3rd, 2007

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