Chemtrail Detection and Documentation Project (CDDP)


            Upper Atmosphere Data For 11-23-2003                                Contrails on Radar? Contrails can NOT be Detected by Doppler Radar!!

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The objective of the research presented within these pages is to provide scientifically documented examples of the ongoing CHEMTRAIL SPRAY OPERATIONS that have been observed and questioned by thousands of people across the globe. Despite public requests for information and demands for inquiries for almost a decade into the frequent appearance of geometric patterns of jet trails over populated areas, official government environmental and scientific agencies continue to insist that the unusual lines across the sky are simply "Persistent Contrails". The specific upper atmospheric conditions required for hot jet exhaust to form "Persistent Contrails" is well documented within scientific literature and can be summarized as high elevation temperatures below - 40 C and relative humidity that exceeds 60 %. (References)


The objective of the CDDP is to provide documentation of Chemtrail Spray Operations captured on digital images and weather radar where upper atmosphere data indicate that weather conditions present at jet flight elevation ARE NOT sufficient for the formation of "PERSISTENT CONTRAILS" based upon the accepted scientific parameters. Please read the information provided with the links on the right menu to understand the atmospheric science related to the findings of the Chemtrail Detection and Documentation Project.

Chemtrail Documentation: Image Collection with related Weather Data: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

                    The Real Smoking Gun: Chemtrails on Doppler Weather Radar