National Weather Service Forecast for Arizona: Moderate to Heavy Chemtrails

The images of Chemtrail Spray Operations on these pages are displayed with the associated upper atmosphere weather data for the twelve hour period represented by the time and date stamp on the image. In all of the examples, the upper air data is displayed with at least TWO and in some cases THREE different National Weather Service Monitoring Sites which encompass  thousands of square miles of Arizona. In every example, the upper atmosphere relative humidity levels required for jet exhaust to form "Persistent Contrails" (60%) ARE NOT FOUND at any elevation in the sounding data for the 12 hour period represented by the time on the image at any of the monitoring sites.  

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How to interpret upper atmosphere data tables                    Discussion and Further Thoughts on this Crap


          Upper Air Data for 02/06/07                                    Upper Air Data for 04/14/07                                    Upper Air Data for 04/22/07    

Tucson    Flagstaff    Yuma                                       Tucson     Flagstaff                                     Tucson    Flagstaff



          Upper Air Data for 04/25/07                                   Upper Air Data for 05/20/07                                  Upper Air Data for 05/30/07

Tucson      Flagstaff      Yuma                         Tucson     Flagstaff                              Tucson    Flagstaff    Yuma



          Upper Air Data for 05/31/07                                   Upper Air Data for 03/09/07                                       Upper Air Data for 03/10/07

Tucson    Flagstaff     Yuma                              Tucson     Flagstaff                                     Tucson      Flagstaff  



       Upper Air Data for 05/26/07                                   Upper Air Data for 02/21/07                           Upper Air Data for 11/01/06                  

Tucson     Flagstaff                               Tucson     Flagstaff      Yuma                 Tucson    Flagstaff   Yuma    


Discussion and Further Thoughts on this Crap !!


These images of Chemtrail Spray Operations were captured above Phoenix, Arizona over the last several years. The Sonoran Desert of southern Arizona is one of the driest environments on our planet. The arid conditions of this desert extend to the cruising altitudes of jet aircraft (20,000 to 35,000 feet). The arid atmospheric conditions provide excellent opportunities to document Chemtrail activity, since there is rarely enough humidity in the upper atmosphere to support the so-called "persistent contrails


Of course there are those in the Professional Chemtrail Denial Corps who would criticize the upper atmosphere data by saying that the radiosonde data represents only point samples at a particular point in time. Which is true. But this data is good enough for the NWS to make daily weather forecasts across the United States upon which millions of people depend on for making decisions affecting their personal lives and safety every day. The Chemtrail Denial Corps postulate that somehow enough moisture magically blows in on the jet stream for a few hours between the standard data collection times in one of the driest airsheds on the planet to allow  the so-called "persistent contrails" to form and spread across thousands of square miles in the sky above us. Any honest weather scientist viewing this data would admit that the "magic moisture" scenario is highly unlikely, especially considering the number of examples (25 spray days) of the upper atmospheric data and Chemtrail Spray images documented on this site.


Also note that in these examples, and in most cases of the upper atmosphere data within these pages, that the upper atmosphere winds are generally very low for the upper atmosphere. The point being that there were not sufficient windspeeds aloft to support massive and rapid changes in the relative humidity for a short period of time during the day and then dry out again in the evening. Remember, this is the Sonoran Desert. Besides, have you ever noticed that Chemtrail Spray Operations NEVER occur on windy days. If there were strong winds aloft in any of the images they would be spreading out the trails across the sky, eventually blowing them out of the populated areas. That's because when its windy, the Spray Jockeys can't be sure that their deadly powder cocktail will land with the required effective concentrations on their intended target. That would be you, your family and friends.   


Still not convinced that were being sprayed like bugs?? Then check out the most compelling evidence of all ......


                                                    Chemtrails on Doppler Radar

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